Dissemination seminar

February 27, 2024 – Seminar – Part 2 – Lung biomechanical modelling –

Martin Genet (IPP) gently but surely used the biomechanical toolbox he had opened a month before with a set of basic biomechanics or mechanobiology. Poroelasticity was introduced to model the lung parenchyma, where gas pores are embedded in solid tissue, with the gas fraction increasing and decreasing while the solid fraction remains the same. Applied external forces such as gravity were implemented and the dependence of the lung could be simulated and displayed

Since there’s no such thing as a good model, this one assumes a certain pressure as boundary conditions and homogeneity over the lung, which could be challenged by 3D MR spirometry outputs

You can read the abstract of the seminar here! Go deeper into the biomechanical modeling of the lung along Cécile Patte’s PhD thesis on Personalized pulmonary mechanics: modeling, estimation and application to pulmonary fibrosis over there!


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