Immersive-pedagogical sensitive theater

April 4, 2024 – Immersive and pedagogical sensitive theater –

In a groundbreaking display of creativity and collaboration, the first day of the V|LF-Spiro3D consortium meeting unfolded with an immersive exploration into the realm of medical imaging and breathing. At Le sas, participants were greeted with a novel approach that engaged both mind and body thanks to the organisation of the Théâtre du vécu.

The event started with a unique introduction as attendees were welcomed by « poem blowers » actors adept at weaving poetic verses that focused participants on the essence of breath. This innovative approach aimed to sensitize participants to the importance of respiration, setting the stage for a journey of discovery.

A highlight of the event was a captivating installation featuring an augmented mirror and a giant eye, skillfully crafted to confront participants with  their perception of body image, intimacy, and curiosity

Transitioning to the next station, participants were guided through a textual exploration that provided a deeper understanding of the emotional dimensions associated with body perception. Armed with this newfound insight, attendees were primed to confront the nature of breath and inspiration.

At the heart of the experience was a station where participants were invited to contemplate the interplay between breath and inflation, symbolized by both balloons and lungs. Accompanied by a narrative delivered by talented actors, this segment aimed to articulate the profound connection between breath and speech.

This immersive journey served as an initiation into the complex dynamics between patients and healthcare professionals within the realm of medical imaging. As the consortium meeting progresses, participants eagerly anticipate further insights and discoveries that may emerge from this groundbreaking experimentation.



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