Seminar – Imag(en)ing the interior body

Tuesday, 28 May 2024 – Seminar 5 – Imag(en)ing the interior body – Jenny Slatman –

Following a transdisciplinary approach, Jenny Slatman (Tilburg) wondered around imaging and imagining the inner self. Following an original participative approach, she raised and addressed many questions. 

What happens when medical images travel outside the domain of science and medicine into broader culture? What is the impact of images of the internal body on how people see/interpret themselves? Why would advertisers make use of images inspired by medical imaging? Are art and science in opposition? Can they collaborate? How body art came into play in the seventies with Ulay and Abramovic’s Impoderabilia (1977), Carolee Schneemann’s Interior Scroll (1975) and more recently with Mona Hatoum’s Corps étranger (1994) and Ikse Maître’s Primary Intimacy of being (2011)? 

The body may be felt from within, as a subject, with Maurice Merleau-Ponthy’s Corps propre, as a unity with flexible boundaries with Henry Head and Paul Schilder’s body schema, or as an experience, as one own needs to be developed. All these bodies are viewpoints in the social and humanistic study undertaken in the project.


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