Seminar – Human ventilatory activity

April 30, 2024 – Seminar 4 – Human ventilatory activity – Thomas Similowski –

Far from the usual common sense, it seems that we do not like tranquillity. Breathing needs to be reconsidered along a continuously challenged mechanism. We are prone to sigh from time to time to make sure breathing varies, to check we are still breathing.

Thomas Similowski (APHP) explored the human ventilatory activity from the brain, which commands the respiratory muscles, down to the lung, which respond to the muscular mobilization. We are far from the steady system we expect while listening to the reassuring breathing sound of a deeply sleeping baby. We unconsciously look for a variability that diseases might hinder, giving rise to respiratory distress. A striking way of thinking how we breathe. Check it out a bit further in the abstract!


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