V|LF-Spiro3D in Paris #1

April 4-5, 2024 – Consortium Meeting in Paris – Day 1

On April 4th and 5th, 3D MR Spirometry research resonated in Paris with the first physical meeting of the V|LF-Spiro3D Consortium, hosted in Paris. This ambitious European project, involving 10 partners from 4 different countries, brought together over 40 experts spanning a wide range of disciplines, from radiologists to physicists, pneumologists to biologists, and engineers.

The two intense days were a triumph of scientific exchange and exploration, focused on advanced research in 3D MR Spirometry. The vibrant atmosphere facilitated interdisciplinary dialogue, allowing participants to engage in a variety of spaces, environments, and contexts crucial for exchange and scientific discussion.

The first day of the meeting followed a structured path that guided participants through an engaging and multi-sensory experience. After a warm welcome in the setting of the Paris-Saclay University valley, at Le sas, science-art-society group of the university, attendees were treated to a unique performance by Théâtre du vécu, blending art and science in a deep reflection on human respiration.

Subsequently, the V|LF-Spiro3D’s Project Manager, Nicola Lorè, presented the initial results of WP5 « Project Management and Communication », underscoring adherence to deadlines and predefined objectives, a fundamental point for project success.

In the afternoon, participants engaged in a series of workshops at the BioMaps laboratory, where they delved into prototypes and protocols developed within the project. The interactivity of these sessions fostered a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities in 3D MR Spirometry research.

Finally, the day concluded with an exhilarating visit to the Centre Pompidou, where artworks sparked deep reflections on the connection between humans and respiration, further emphasizing the importance of a multidisciplinary approach in scientific research.

With an exclusive dinner overlooking the Eiffel Tower, the first day of the consortium meeting ended with enthusiasm and determination, leaving participants inspired and motivated to continue their journey towards discovery and innovation in the field of 3D MR Spirometry.


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