Dissemination seminar 1

January 30, 2024 – Seminar – Part 1 – Basic biomechanics or mechanobiology in lung function

Martin Genet (IPP) brightly kicked off the series of scientific dissemination seminars at BioMaps (UPSaclay) this week on January 30th, with basics of mechanics.

Continuous medium, displacement, strain, force, stress, equilibrium, behaviour and loading were covered. They all support any modelling of the lung biomechanics, although any model, no matter how sophisticated, is certainly not a good model of the lung function.

Martin Genet nicely challenged the discipline, its goals, its means, and its limitations. We are ready to follow him deep into the lungs in the second part of his seminar, at the end of February.

You can read the abstract of the seminar here!


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