Fast field cycling is no longer a fantasy!

March 26, 2024 – Seminar 3 – Fast field cycling – Lionel Broche –

Fast field cycling is no longer a fantasy! 

At AMT, it is routinely ramped up to 0.2 T and down to virtually zero. Lionel Broche presented the many ongoing clinical trials in which the magnetic field is swept to achieve unprecedented optimal contrasts. They are looking at brain gliomas, breast cancer, colon cancer, liver cancer, sarcoma, fat deposits, muscle damage, osteoarthritis, tsakotsubo, thrombosis and stroke.

Strokes, for example, are strikingly visible with positive contrast on T1 maps as low as 21.1 mT, or 1.4% of standard clinical MR fields. Looking at the right field is key. Cycling through it is the way to find it. Please have a look at the abstract there and the article here to investigate further the whole body fast field cycling system that AMT now operates at the University of Aberdeen. David Lurie will present these new contrasts in the Monday plenary session at ISMRM 2024 on 6 May, not to be missed (see there).


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