Dissemination at Foch

December 12, 2023 – 3D MR spirometry at stake at Foch Hospital

A special joint staff meeting was organized by the Pulmonology and Radiology departments at Foch Hospital to introduce the basics and the state of 3D MR Spirometry.

Xavier Maître (UPSaclay) went through the workflow of the technique, from 3D lung dynamic MRI to 3D maps of flow-volume loops, tidal volumes, and anisotropic deformation indices obtained in 25 volunteers in prone and supine positions to address the gravity dependence of breathing

Then the protocol to be carried at Foch on lung transplanted patients with and without bronchiolitis obliterans syndromes (BOS) was discussed. The difficulty of the selection of the different patient populations was raised. 

Finally, new mechanical biomarkers, based on the lung parenchyma elongations, were presented for further exploration of the respiratory dynam



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