CEA – Grenoble

November 23, 2023 – A lighthouse project in CEA exploratory program –

V|LF-Spiro3D was originally supported as an exploratory program (PE) by CEA to conduct the first clinical research protocol g-Spiro3D on 25 healthy volunteers, freely breathing while lying supine or prone in the MRI.

On November 21-23, 2023, Xavier Maître was invited to present the preliminary oucomes and prespectives carried along V|LF-Spiro3D at the PE and PTC CEA Annual Scientific Seminar hold in Minatec, Grenoble.

Through a PE and three cross-competency programs (PTC) in the fields of « instrumentation and detection », « materials and processes » and « digital simulation », the CEA encourages initiative, innovation and increased cross-competency cooperation, in line with its priorities (major transitions and positive programmatic shifts).

Read the scientific presentation here!


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