BioMaps annual seminar

March 22, 2024 – BioMaps annual seminar –

From 20 to 22 March, BioMaps (UPSaclay) left the medical imaging laboratory empty to fill Fort-Mahon in the north of France, on the Normandy coast, where sea gulls and late winter fog create a new scene for scientific discussion. At the beginning of their PhD, Ithar Gharmaoui, Anna Reitmann and Adrien Duwat (UPSaclay) presented their first results for 3D MR spirometry on an asthmatic patient at 3 T at UPSaclay, the implementation of the technique at Foch, the search for new mechanical biomarkers, their understanding and the late progress of a laboratory-built MR-compatible spirometer. At this early stage, the road is adventurous and gambling is part of the game, both scientifically and litterally. Worth following!


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