Low-field on the move

March 1, 2024 – Low-field on the move at Aberdeen –

Najat Salameh‘s vision of low-field MRI was revealed to members of the Institute of Medical Sciences at the University of Aberdeen. The sky was clear blue outside the seven-story IMS tower, with a beautiful view of the North Sea between the Dee and Don rivers, but the audience was highly focused on Najat Salameh’s journey from magnetic resonance elastography, MR temperature mapping, to low and very low field 3D MR spirometry.

Her first PI seminar was a great opportunity for Xavier Maître to visit the new Center for Adaptable MRI Technology (AMT Center), which she is building with Mathieu Sarracanie and Lionel Broche, based on two original small 0.1 T MR systems, two generations of 0-0.2 T field cycling systems with ongoing clinical research protocols, and a kit for a 0.1 T whole body system to be built the following week. MRI was pioneered in Aberdeen (see here). Still is.


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