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Erasmus role in V|LF-Spiro3D


Erasmus is leading the Work Package 1 (WP1) where they will play a key role in performing dynamic lung MRI acquisitions for 3D MR spirometry, with a particular focus on pediatric populations with chronic respiratory diseases (30 children with asthma, 30 with cystic fibrosis, and 30 with bronchodysplasia). They will also contribute to basic data reconstruction, facilitating on-the-fly visualisation and assessment of acquired data.

In Work Package 2 (WP2), Erasmus leads the investigation of determinants and biomarkers using 3D MR spirometry data. They will explore the anisotropic and hysteretic regional mechanical behaviour of the lung and extract essential metrics that go beyond standard flow-volume loops.

In Work Package 3 (WP3), Erasmus is involved in the development of acquisition and reconstruction strategies for low-field MRI. They collaborate on optimizing pulse sequences for dynamic 3D lung imaging at low field.

Furthermore, in Work Package 4 (WP4), Erasmus is involved in collaborative efforts to explore the interdisciplinary aspects of the project. This includes investigating the impact of the technology on practitioners and patients, improving communication, and promoting a prospective real-time V|LF 3D MR spirometry experience in a public exhibition.